Game Description:

Laser assault is a third-person isometric shooter video game. While dodging (and blasting) security droids, you search for the red transporter cube - your ticket to the next level.

The security droids sweep through each room using their detection beams to find you. If you interrupt their beam, they shoot off a deadly laser in your direction. If you are quick enough to dodge the shot, all droids are alerted and converge upon the location of your last detection. Armed with a laser gun of your own, you can fire back and destroy the droids. Every droid you destroy, however, attracts the attention of the others so you would be well advised to "pick your spots".

Laser Assault is as much a strategy game as it is an action game. The third-person isometric view allows you to plan your route to the transporter cube and to plan your attack (or retreat) on the security droids. As you venture through the 100 levels, strategy will become an increasingly important skill to compliment your shooting skills.

Along with 100 unique levels, Laser Assault also comes with a level editor. This editor allows you to design, edit, save and play your own customized levels. Your levels are exported into an ASCII file which can be played by other Laser Assault gamers.

System Requirements:
Pentium, Win 9X/ME/2000, 16Mb RAM, 5Mb Hardrive space, DirectX compatible sound card, DirectX 8.0, SVGA graphics card with 640X480 capability.

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