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 おすすめ ★ スポット・レストラン・英語学校・なんでも



Subeez Cafe ★ my long time favorite spot for drinking and eating. It's located on the corner of Haro and Homer in downtown.
Samurai Sushi ★ Cheap Sushi in downtown.
Walmart ★ Cheap everything! Shampoo & conditioner, sanitary product, old movies on DVD, baby products, and many more. A few locations.
London Drugs ★ Another cheap store. It's a good place to buy cookies & chocolates for souvenir. Many locations including downtown.

by Yuko

★Place to shop
・Brentwood Mall: 20 min. walk from here.
・Metrotown: Huge! Movie theatres
・W4th Ave.: Fancy shops
★Place to see
・Grouse mountain: hiking, skiing, nice view
・UBC: Museum, gardens, bookstore
・Victoria: Beautiful city, The Butchart Gardens
★ Place to eat and drink
・Las Margarita: Mexican food @W4th.
・Sports Bars: very exciting in hockey play-off season

by Naoko

Gastown ★ It's a good place to buy souvenir.
Grouse Mountain ★ You can climb and enjoy the nice view.
Queen Elizabeth Park ★ There're many wedding taken place there.
Museum of Anthropology ★ in UBC. It's very interesting.
Metrotown ★ It's a very big mall. The movie theatre there has a good sound.
Night Market ★ Open from Fri. to Sun. in Richmond. You can buy Chinese food, sundry goods, jewerly. They are very cheap.
Victoria ★ I recommend whale watching. It's very exciting. The Butchart Gardens is nice too.

by Rie

・Strawberry sauce cheesecake by Cheesecake E.T.C. on Granville
・Iced Cappucino by Tim Horton in downtown
・Chijimi and Toppogi by Chanmogi in downtown
・Cake(Sugar on the cheesecake, really delicious) by 5 SENCE in downtown
・Blizzard(milk shake) by Dairy Queen
・Furniture and small goods by IKEA
・Cheap snack and souvenir by Superstore
・Morain Lake in The Canadian Rockies
・Sulphur Mountain in Banff

by Hiroko

Metrotown ★ Very big mall!!
Brentwood Mall ★ Not so big but you can walk there from here. Convenient.
Icecream ★ I forgot the name of the store. It's near Robson and Jervis.
Maple cream beer ★ It taste mild. I love it.

by Megumi

Aquarium in Stanley Park ★ You'll see many fishes, beluga, sea lion, and frogs, etc.
Granville Island ★ There are many shops.
Victoria ★ You should stay over night there otherwise you'll have only 4 hours for sightseeing.
Gastown ★ There's a steam clock. It chimes every 15mins.

by Ayumi

Rocky Mountain ★ It's so far but you can enjoy nature, animal, and ice field there.
Science World ★ It's very interesting. You can enjoy Imax Theatre.
White Rock ★ Big beach. There're many shops.
Nude Beach ★ Near UBC. Many people take off clothes there.

by Emiko

Summer in Vancouver is recommended!
Night market in Richmond
Fireworks at English Bay

by Tomomi

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